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Non-invasive Testing for Food, Airborne and Additive Intolerances

Food Intolerances are linked with the following:

Stomach cramps, Bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Headaches, Eczema, Arthritis, Gastritis, Asthma, Insomnia, Coeliac Disease, Itchy skin problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Constipation, Migraines, Nasal Congestion, Mild Depression, Sleep Disturbances, Diarrhoea, Water, retention, Low Energy and more… 

Do you or your child suffer from any of the above issues?

Have you had normal test results, or ineffective treatments but your symptoms remain? Are you looking to find out what triggers your negative reactions after eating, drinking or breathing in something from your environment? Then maybe it’s time to have your intolerances tested.

The Test

You will be tested for 150 triggers, including common foods, food additives, drinks,  environmental elements, and airborne allergens. The testing is carried out using a Vega Test Machine.

About Vega Testing

The method used for testing is the Vegatest Expert, a very advanced skin resistance measuring device designed to locate and test acupuncture points in the body.

The science behind the test began with research by Dr. Reinholt Voll, a German physician, who first developed Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV) in the 1950’s. He discovered that meridian points, some of which correlate to acupuncture points, can be used to collect energetic data and he developed a machine that could stimulate or balance acupuncture meridians using an electrical charge instead of a needle.

He discovered that by simply touching the skin with a given substance was sufficient to trigger a measurable change. His methods, though innovative, were initially very time-consuming.

However, later in the 1970’s Dr. Helmut Schimmel designed the Vegetative Reflex Test (Vegatest) which simplified the testing greatly by using just one point on the body to test, instead of 100’s previously, and to test any material for intolerance and organs for stress.

The Vegatest Expert tests for more than a thousand foods, food additives, allergens, environmental chemicals, pollens, animals, organs, deficiencies and toxins that may cause symptoms. It is also capable of testing any given food or substance brought along for testing.

The Vegatest Expert represents over four decades of expertise and development of the electroacupuncture concept and has achieved the reputation of being the most sophisticated bioenergetic test yet developed.

The test is totally safe, painless, non-invasive and results are instant

€95 for Consultation, Test & Results

Suitable for all ages
Immediate results
One hour appointment
Dietary management skills

Not suitable for pregnant women, persons taking antibiotics or persons with a pacemaker

Eat and drink as normal prior to testing

To book your appointment email or text 0860875035
Cash or online payment available

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It's been exactly one week since my Food Intolerance Test with Ruth and I have to say I would recommend it to everyone! I wasn't sure what to expect but the test is easy, quick and completely non-invasive. I found I had one food intolerance and Ruth was so great and provided me with wheat-free bread recipes, blogs to follow for more recipes, full menu ideas and the name of a probiotic to kickstart my gut health again. And in just one week I'm starting to feel more energised from my food, all from the knowledge she was able to give me. Thanks, Ruth!

Pam Ryan

I cannot recommend this intolerance testing highly enough. My daughter had been suffering from random bouts of illness over a long period on a visit home from London she visited Ruth. What a difference an hour made to her life Thanks Ruth!

Mary Malone

Ruth is living proof of her work, and how eating foods that are tolerated and healthy for an individual’s body give a person the natural glow we are all capable of. I brought my two daughters to be tested yesterday and all of our lives have been transformed for the better already. Equipped now with the knowledge, practical and professional advice she shared with us, we feel confidant and extremely relieved that girls long standing health issues are now going to be a thing of the past. I would highly recommend anyone to consult with her as a truly excellent practitioner. Can’t thank you enough Ruth.

Karen O’ Halloran

Ruth is so friendly and puts you at ease the moment you go in for your appointment. Myself and my mother had appointments just over a month ago and I found out that I have a wheat intolerance and my mum is dairy intolerant. Ruth gave us both some great information on how to cut out each and what to replace them with. Since then we are both feeling a lot better. Thanks so much Ruth, will be recommending you to everyone.

Marie Matthews

I was postponing this appointment for a while, I always feel uncomfortable about any kind of examination. With Ruth this has become by far the most enriching and relaxed experience so far. Not only did I get all the information I was expecting, Ruth even took some time to answer specific questions, I thought would be “out of scope”. She was very caring,warm and interested. Thank you so much for this experience. I already recommended this treatment to most of my friends and will keep recommending it.

Iva Drozdek

I met Ruth recently when I catered for her wedding in France. Most of my wedding clients want rich decadent food but Ruth bowled me over with her passion for healthy delicious seasonal food catering for intolerances and special dietary needs. It was a revelation as challenging as it was I felt the total passion Ruth and her family had for food and a happy healthy lifestyle. As a caterer I give clients what they want but this wedding changed my own personal views of food combining and mixing healthy fresh with luxury too! Ruth’s beautiful nature lust for love and life is a revelation and I will certainly be following her new adventures in life and work. Good luck to beautiful soul wish lived nearer to cork.

Lisa Tubb

I went to visit Live Well Bloom in Cork and wasn’t disappointed. I decided to go because of ongoing health issues and wanted to rule out food intolerance. I have suffered for many years and have been through many doctors who couldn’t help me. From going to see Ruth who was very welcoming, i discovered i had an intolerance to diary aswell as other things.. i was very upset as that meant no chocolate or ice-cream however Ruth gave me lots of handouts and explained so many other alternatives i could use. Since taking Ruth’s advice and changing my diet things have improved more than i could have hoped for. I would highly recommend its pain free, quick and easy to do and you also get to have a lovely chat with Ruth.

Roisin O’ Brien

Ruth was very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable in the environment. The procedure its self was very simple and very quick and definitely effective. I suffer from very bad eczema and only a week after getting the test done I can see improvements already, by changing something small in my diet..I would really recommend making an appointment with Ruth at the Lizbeth centre,it is definitely worth it.

Sarah Whitnell

Ruth was very friendly, answered all my questions and helped with all concerns I had. Same time she was extremely professional and knowledgeable. The test’s advantage was simplicity and accuracy. I believe it’s crucial to know what makes you feel bad, as we are all different, and my physical & mental health is after improving since I cut off the foods which I have intolerance to. Thank you Ruth, you’re a gem!

Anna Groniecka

I had suffered from both GERD and IBS before going to Ruth, thinking I just had to deal with my symptoms and take medication. But since having the food intolerance test done and cutting out the foods it showed I was intolerant to my symptoms have improved greatly and now rarely have to take medication. Ruth was great, very friendly and helpful with any questions I had. Provided me with loads of information on how to reduce or cut out certain foods. Defo 5 stars, can’t recommend enough!!

Jen Foster

Ruth not only addressed the physiological issues in my body that were causing my eczema, but also discussed the psychological root of the problem (stress leads to outbreaks). Her professional and friendly attitude made the process comfortable and pleasant, and I would highly recommend her service to anyone suffering from any symptoms of food intolerance. Ruth is calm and collected, intelligent and concise in her explanations, and most importantly genuine to her clients.

Lola O’ Regan

I went here a few months back.... and it turned out I was wheat intolerant... I stayed off wheat since then and lots of things have changed... my moods are better, sleeping better, more energy and overall I feel better.. would highly recommend it to anyone with any symptoms of tiredness mood swings and dry skin!!!

Jamie Anthony

Ruth was so friendly and kind making the experience so nice! I found the test was so simple and quick, non – invasive and the results were interesting. The information I got to take away with me was so informative and easy to follow. I would recommend this food intolerance test and Ruth to anyone!

Aisling Kelly

Has figured my 2 kids intolerances. Ruth is fab with the kids thanks so much

Rosaleen O’ Brien

Excellent experience! Ruth was very professional and pleasant, so I would definitely recommend her. For some things I knew I might be intolerant, but for some I didn’t, so I am very happy I decided to do the test. I loved the provided papers with a variety of very useful information.

Marija Nuic

I had a food intolerance test today with Ruth such a lovely person went through everything in detail and gave me lots of advice and alternatives and so reasonable. Would highly recommend this centre.

Judith O’ Sullivan

Wonderful centre that provided a helpful diagnosis! Very informative and knowledgeable.

Jenny Corbishly

After trying out various routes for some longstanding health issues (type 1 diabetes), decided that an allergy test would be the next step. Ruth is very welcoming and testament to what a healthy lifestyle can do for your life! Over 1 month in and feeling and seeing some good improvements to my energy, looking forward to the long lasting benefits

Esther Moran

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