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Sports Yoga

Yoga will help you with your sport enhancing athletic performance, preventing injuries and increasing flexibility. Overtraining can lead to shortened and fatigued muscles/connective tissue, which eventually creates injuries. Through this Yoga practice, you will learn how to bring back flexibility and strength, helping to protect the body and reduce the risk of injury. Learn how to bring calmness to the mind before and during events through breath-work which will enhance your focus and concentration, giving you the edge.

Benefits of sports yoga:

-Strengthens muscles
-Increases stamina
-Injury Rehabilitation
-Increases joint stability
-Reduces the risk of injury
-Creates greater flexibility
-Builds core strength and stability
-Develops breath control and awareness
-Improves focus and concentration
-High performance

Ideal for:
Enhancing athletic performance
Preventing injuries
Injury rehabilitation
Increasing flexibility

Suitable for all levels

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I can not rate Live Well Bloom high enough here... as 5 stars is just not enough ;) I have attended both Ruth and James Yoga classes and they are both wonderful and attentive teachers.

Helena O Connor

Myself and my husband both adore attending Live Well Bloom classes.

Jess NĂ­ Muirthile

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